What works for me...? Could it work for you?

Okay, so I have been through tons of different workout routines, I've tried everything that I've thought might work or might be interesting.

Ever heard of Doggcrapp (or DC)? Yeah, well, if you haven't and you're anything like me, then stay ignorant of it. If you have, then you know just how intense and demanding it is. I stuck with it for a month and I was done, but what makes it hard to do something intense like that for me is the fact that I do my workouts in my very limited, small gym at my house. Just freeweights and a bench. No machines or anything fun like that to supplement my freeweight workouts....

Then, I tried this one little program that doesn't have a name (as far as I know)...and man was it crazy... I feel that it was most likely geared to those, well, on gear, and as I wasn't it did nothing but make me feel overly tired and in the end I think I actually got weaker after I did it. Basically, when broken down to its simplest form, this program was basically two weeks where you only get one day of rest, and the rest of the days you are working out basically twice a day. So here I was, getting up at 5 in the morning to do squats before getting ready for work, and then as soon as I got off of work I was back at it, all over again...Yeah, not fun... On top of that, doing sixty reps of deadlifts EACH DAY was oh so painful...

Now, as for the one thing that seemed to work best, and I have gone back to it, is the tried and true 5x5 workout routine. It's as cut and dry as it sounds, 5 set of 5 reps on each and every lift, and when you can do all 5 with good form, you increase your weight. That simple. I think that what made me stop doing it the last time that I was happened to be that I hit a brick-wall of a plateau, and I wasn't going up in weights in anything but squats... I was ready to call it quits with 5x5...but looking back, I was in the best shape during that time period, I made the best, most noticable gains back then, and I've definitely lost some of my definition since I've stopped doing 5x5s.

To each his own though, so try them all! Switch it up, but when you find something that works, stick with it, push yourself to overcome the hurdles that it throws at you...and yeah, change the lifts you are doing once in a while to shock your muscles.

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