Why Am I Not Growing?

Most of you are probably like me...

You do this because you enjoy the feeling.
You do it because you like the way it makes you look.
You do it because you want to get bigger!

That last one can be so very hard to acheive, and it takes so much work that at times it pushes people away because the results don't just jump right up and slap you in the face. There are so many parts to the equation, from your diet to your routine.

This following link has a neat bulking calculator, give it a try, it's rather helpful:

For starters, there is a lot of experimenting in this "game." You have to be willing to fail at times, and you have to be willing to not see any results at times. Why, you may ask? Because to find out what works best for you, you will have to try different things. You will have to dedicate yourself to different programs, change them to your liking/needs, and then see where they take you.

When you first start out, almost anything will work, but don't let that fool you. If it's not meant to be, you will see the returns diminish rather quickly... At this point, it's time to switch it up, do barbell curls instead of dumbbell curls. Do box squats rather than front squats. Try 5x6 rather than 3x12.

After a while, there will be so many numbers floating around in your head that it's bound to get you confused/frustrated/annoyed. DONT STOP!! Just get the numbers under control and use them to your advantage.

One of the Most Important Things to Remember...

While working out and lifting weights and getting in shape is meant to be hard...one thing that you should never forget is...

You Should Have Fun Doing It!

Remember when it was still fun? Remember when you first started and you actually looked forward to each day? Then, you started learning too much...you started paying attention to numbers too much. You started basing your workouts off of everyone else's. You aren't going to get the same results as person A because you aren't person A. Also, just because they enjoy doing it doesn't mean that you will. You could possibly end up hating it!

Don't do that to yourself. It's a great way to lose motivation and to possibly even stop working out. Enjoy yourself! Have fun! But at the same time, get in shape!!

Time to Try Something Different

Okay, so here it goes, it's time to try another workout routine, something that I know I will stick with and hopefully enjoy. What's sad is I have had so little motivation lately that if my routine gets too difficult or demanding, I just stop...I used to not be that way AT ALL...and it's extremely frustrating...

I workout at home, always have...and I've never had a problem with doing it that way. I had my workout partner (who was my nephew) and we had great workout days. Then, there was the whole "life crisis" that lasted a few months...and it's kind of made me turn for the worse when it comes to being motivated. Now my nephew has a girlfriend, and he's pretty much stopped working out all together...So I no longer have a workout partner, which means I don't have a spotter or anyone to help me put weights on the bar or anything...which I guess can be considered nice because that means that my workouts can actually flow better. I get into it and I finish it without having to wait on him (because that was his downfall...he was slow and easily distracted). However, when it feels like you are spending more time changing weights and adjusting bar heights, etc, it gets hard to want to do that because it takes so long to get to the actual lifting...

Anyway, that's enough of that... I will go into detail into my new workout routine and why I chose to do it that way in my next post.

Hypertrophy Specific Failure?

Well, I haven't updated for a while, but here goes. I failed, miserably, at HST. I gave it a go, but doing a full body workout, 3 days a week, all by myself burnt me out rather quickly. I made it for maybe 5 days (workout days that is) but then had to stop. I wasn't motivated at all to continue and I was overly tired every day. I am sure that a great deal of it had to do with the fact that working out at home definitely doesn't make this very long workout routine any more tolerable, as I am constantly having to adjust this, and move that, and switch the weights from this bar to that one...

Oh well, maybe I will try HST again some other time...that or maybe I will just stick with what I know and what has worked for me. That, and one thing that HST does is it focuses solely on size and not really at all on strength, and I kind of like knowing that I can lift a pretty good amount of weight and would rather not risk losing those maxes that I have worked so hard to reach.

On to the next routine I suppose...makes me kind of sad as I was so excited initially about getting into HST...