HST Update

Okay, so one week of HST has gone by and here is what I have to say about it so far...

It is undeniably intense!

I was amazed that the weights that were so much lighter than what I have been doing are so difficult to lift. I was convincing myself before I started that doing it fifteen times wouldn't be all that much of a challenge....

I was wrong, oh so very wrong...

When I finish for the day, I am tired, I have no energy left to even think about doing an extra set or anything...and I am so drained and excited about my days off from training.

We all know that just because you are tired or sore that doesn't mean that there will be mind blowing results, and as I have only finished one full week I can't say for sure whether or not it is doing anything other than kicking my butt... However, it is kind of fun, especially in the sense that I both look forward to it and dread the idea of doing it...

Onward! To week two!

PS. After the initial 30 squats...so far I have consistently felt nauseas for the rest of my lifts....just an FYI.

HST - Week One - Review of First Day

Well, I promised that I would go over my feelings of HST as far as results and if I feel that it is being effective at all...and, well, though skeptical at first, day one has already made me change how I felt about it.

I am sore, still, from Monday. Even with those very small weight, the volume was enough to kill me!

For example, I did 2 sets of 15 reps for squats. My legs are feeling it, and I only did 165 pounds!! I am used to doing 390 pounds, and that little bit of weight kicked my butt harder than the higher weights!

If it continues like this, I have a feeling that even if the results aren't quite what they are hyped up to be, it's going to be one heck of a ride.

Today will be day two. We shall see how it turns out!