The Importance of Form

I know that this blog isn't meant to be a personal account of thigns that happen to me in my lifting, but at the same time I guess this is a golden opportunity to share with everyone and maybe help someone else from ending up in pain like I am.

Last Thursday, while doing deadlifts, I was going along at my normal pace, and it was going just fine. Well, around the middle of set four, I started to get sloppy and my form was off. At that exact moment when I went back up for another rep, I felt something pull in my lower back, and felt a surge of pain that went from my legs down and my torso up...I almost dropped the weight then and there. I finished out the set, but then for the rest of that day I was in excruciating pain.

It's now Tuesday, and my back still hurts pretty bad...I hope it's nothing major, and I'm going to pretend that it will get better with time, but it still hurts, and it's making doing lots of things difficult/uncomfortable. Even sitting at my desk at work is painful...

So, try not to EVER give up form for speed or to try and jerk around higher weights then you are capable of lifting. In the end, all you are going to end up doing is hurting yourself which in turn hurts your potential gains.

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