Getting excited. Can't wait to start the new routine next week.

Ok, this is it. It's coming down to the last couple of days before I embard upon the training known as HST, or Hypertrophy Specific Training. I have it all worked out, and the next 8 weeks are completely planned out for me.

I really do hope to get the results that one would expect from going for strict hypertrophy. I know, it's not strength like I am used to, but still, I want some size before I go back to focusing on strength. I started out as more of a strength trainer, and it was okay at first because I was making rapid gains...but then it tapered off rather quickly, and rather than making gains in size I have been making only gains in strength.

Now, that's not all bad, not at all. I am glad that I can boast being able to squat over 400 pounds, and that my bench has broken through many plateaus...but I still like the idea of being as big as my strength implies.

As always, keep motivated, and keep looking for what works for you.

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